Friday, June 27, 2008

jam for thought

Or is it. . . better than jam?

note for my dear paranoid parent friends: mild profanity in some images.

Perhaps this is rather silly of me, but I never really considered--until Darrin made that comment--culture jam as art. As far as wholesale acceptance of herd mentality. . . well. . . that's quite a larger topic.

But I was thinking about the comment, and did a bit of poking about for images of culture jam. Certainly some of them qualify as art, and I think some of the ones I came up with that I've included here may likely not have been intended as culture jam at all.

What I'm trying to do is consider the potentially powerful use of images as a tool to goad people into thinking more, and perhaps in certain directions, about their world.

Here are my favorites from the search--images I found particularly effective, artistic, interesting, or powerful.


just do it

London, after (global warming)

When we grow up

Playfulness can go a long way too. . . consider:

Live in Russia (instead of playing games)

Speeding (what's your excuse)

Clear Speech
clear speach



P.S. Looks like these images are cut off. The idea in most cases gets across, but if anyone knows how to fix the html and wants to give me a hand, it would still be much much appreciated. Thanks all for putting up with my learning curve.

In "when we grow up", the foot in the foreground belongs to an elderly woman.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

un control

This summer, presuming it doesn't land in my holding-yard of unfinished projects, I'm learning to shoot. It's been on the "at some point" list, and the opportunity has come up.

So that interested parties don't freak, it should be understood that I don't feel any particular personal lack of control about this. . . it's simply the matter of understanding violence, and understanding the tools of violence.

Which are implicitly not in control--implicitly deserving of caution, of understanding, of competence. That's the attempt. That's my attempt.