Tuesday, April 14, 2009

on space and home

Introspective observations from having my own place

1) It is no longer hard to floss.

There is no carrying water, no waiting, and especially no avoiding people. The only day I've missed was yesterday, when I worked 21 hours. I think in the past I've underestimated the "avoiding people" factor.

1) I am a Really Terrible hostess.

This is not true in a restaurant. At home, though, things are way less clear. One must direct/coordinate comfort, food, and flow of activities for more than two people--ideally while being at least a little entertaining. I will totally be reading up on this. . . probably a lot. Then y'all can come help me practice. :)

2) I dig my kitchen way more than I thought.

True story: I've never been much of a cook. I've always had good instincts and enjoyed it, but I think--once more--it goes back to that avoiding people thing. I never would have guessed. I actually have less time, now that I have a house, but the only time in my life I've cooked more than I am now, I was living with just mum and had tons of free time. Even the simplest food is exciting for me; today I made and ate nachos. It's so much easier without other people around. I think my first goal is to perfect several kinds of vegetable curry.

These days when I need to stay awake at work I tend to watch the food network, though I'm frustrated they don't do very much that's really healthy.

3) I did not choose my house.

I'm just now coming to terms with this. I needed a place to live; my price range was the very bottom of the market. I offered on virtually everything I saw (mostly short sales) that might have worked. The house I got was the only offer accepted on a house large enough and close enough that I could share it and use the money to get through school. If I have desperately and repeatedly asked you if you liked it, I was seeking reassurance that my situation is indeed not all that terrible. The house is too big for me; it's a ton of work, and it will be hard. It also doesn't feel nearly as homey to me as the smaller, further away ones I looked at.

That said, it will be ok. I have a house! And somehow it will get me through to finish school, which is why it was a good choice to take this house instead of a more fitting one. One of the great skills a nomadic lifestyle builds is the ability to lay out your home like a tent and take it up with you as you go. This will be a great home for me, however non-permanently.

5) If Finding Flow is to be believed, I have a masculine attitude towards my house.

That means that rather than taking pride in--and getting stressed out about--its cleanliness, I enjoy taking care of it when I can, and mostly take pride in paying for it myself. Quelle suprise.

8) I am actually a minimalist.

Despite having just moved from 112 square feet to 1600, I still love getting rid of stuff and still feel the need to budget space. Thinking a great deal about design and style as well.

13) New found (or re-found) pleasures-

Fresh salad
Washing my hair often enough to not have dandruff
Fuzzy cat slippers
Hot showers
Wandering out on the porch right after I wake up, to watch the sunset and get a lot of funny looks from the neighbors
Moving dancerish-ly through several rooms, mockery and observation free
Massage chair
My kitchen/cooking
Apricot blossoms
Light on trees
Clean skin
Small errands on foot
Glissades and rolls
Much less ramen
Not wasting things