Friday, May 16, 2008

Lady digshovel strikes


Check it; I found my image of "kindergarten in a vegetable garden" at

Written 5/14
As those of you who I don't talk to often enough (which is to say, damn near all of you) may not know, a couple of days ago I knived my way into a bit of a garden patch.

Of course, within 24 hours of said kniving, I was sanely aware that with no idea what I was doing--I killed the herbs I tried to grow when I hit my gardening kick last fall, and only sometimes succeed in seeing sprouts through to edibility--that patch was probably much better off safely in the hands of others. Still, I couldn't let the opportunity go at nothing. As a compromise, I've arranged to weasel in on the gardening exploits of my sister, and also of my new friend Bonnie.

Tonight confirmed my expectations; so perceptive am I, as to be correct about the fact that I, indeed, have no idea what I'm doing. Turns out that it's good to have an experienced supervisor.

Today, the transplanting of potatoes, and putting seedlings of lots of kinds of tomatoes and peppers into the ground. . . so far it's really nice to be out digging in the dirt.

Van Gogh, Vegetable garden at Monmartre

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best of

Written 5:44 5/13/08
I've been thinking about how to make a good blog. . . sort of like how my sister wants to make a good cookbook; a cookbook, as it were, that is full only of cream. . .

So how do you do that--how do you stay that interesting? After kicking off with rather too much about myself, I think it's worth setting up a few ground rules. .

1) No immediate postage. . . let it sit overnight, or at least for a few hours, as a draft before posting. I don't know how I feel about blogger in this way, actually, because there isn't an easy way to save drafts in it. .

2) Enough pictures, but not too many. . And, of course particularly good ones.
Like this:

Maybe a similar rule on links.
Not exactly the elements of style, but we'll have a go.

Of course, maybe it also pays to look at how other people have done it better.

I could get thousands of submissions before every weekly post, so that I'd have plenty to choose from. . .

Or I could invite a cast of bitingly witty and repetitively sarcastic political contributors to help shoulder the burden.

If I wanted to be really content driven (snort), I could locate myself in some excruciatingly relevant position and then give articulate humanist commentary on it.

I could allow anyone to correct, edit, and expand into an infinite variety of topics. . .

Or I could just be totally "effing," as we say here in Zion, talented.

meh. . .

I'm gonna do it my way.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hullo world. . .

Once more with feeling, I find myself writing my first blog.

As a lot of you probably know, I've been blogging on Myspace for awhile now. . . except that I haven't been blogging lately on Myspace, because, well. . . you know.. . it's Myspace. Terrible design, objectification of participants, and tween-trendiness notwithstanding, it was well past time to get away from the extremely sexualized advertising.

The plan, of course, was to set up my own website. . . and it wasn't a casual plan, to be honest; there was quite a lot of planning that went in. . . but in the end, my strong anti-technology capabilities won the day.

Today, I got tired of people telling me it should be easy to set up my own page, and decided to make use of the easy-to-use tools that wander the world, waiting to be made use of by people who intend to blog but not on Myspace. . . and here we are.

For anyone encountering me for the first time here, I suppose I should introduce myself. Having just graduated with an eminently useful Associate of Science degree in General Academics, I'm about ninety credits away from the B.S. in Physics that I'm shooting for. In lieu of full time formal education, I volunteer, and goof off, and currently hold three jobs--I'm very excited about paying my own way this fall, and should probably take a moment to mention the entirely awesome generosity of my family, especially my mother, in getting me this far.

It bears passing mention that I am a wee bit of an emotionally stunted egomaniac. I have made some fantastic, amazing friends, but also my fair share of bad social mistakes and general trauma. . . who knows, maybe I'll blog about that later.

I love to read, bum around the internet, and watch lectures and documentaries. Currently I'm working my way through lectures on classical physics, economics, and world war II. I study French not in school, and have just decided to start rotating as well between Spanish (which I had a couple of years of in HS) and Chinese (which I know about one word of). At some point I'd love to pick up an impressive smattering of Latin and Greek--especially Greek, 'cause Greek geometry is the jam-diggity--but that's a lot lower priority at the moment than science.

(Hmn. . . I've just made myself sound like a psycho geek. . . no truth in that at all. . )

My goals for this summer include writing every day and becoming technologically independent. . . after all, maybe I can change my own oil, but I can't remotely start find out why my OS isn't working without help. Hopefully this will be improved.

My goals for the next five years (ish) include getting another 45-50 credits closer to that B.S., and traveling significantly in Europe and Asia, all in an as-economically-independent-as-possible way. After that I'd like to move to Canada and start a small commune. . . no, just kidding. Not a small commune.

Other interests include mountaineering, literature, dance, and revolutionary politics. And a lot of things. Most things.

That's all. :)