Tuesday, August 05, 2008

this is about us

(original music video)


*tips hat to rise against*

this is most effective if you can get them playing simultaneously; try letting the first one go for about three seconds, then starting the lyrics on 0 volume.

P.S. Happy birthday, Dad.


lynn said...

Cool Cat. where did you find it. I think your mother should see it.

The song was my style but it wasn't all that bad. But, maybe I am just tired. What was it trying to say.


Day said...

Here's the short version--I'd really like to leave it out for you to put together the actual analysis. I think it's really a well made statement, in the video.

We don't need to be/have what is currently American commerce (and the unfair practices it embodies) to survive--and we won't always, because there's no way it can last forever. . . hence, the refugees are us.