Friday, October 31, 2008

Count 'em.

Ten ways to be a better father:

Take time -this was the item of greatest emphasis. Emphasis emphasis emphasis.

Listen—when they want to talk.

Be affectionate

Be respectful of your children


Be an example —be able to say “do as I do” and ask yourself “what will my family remember about me”

Set limits -D&C 121—reprove not from frustration, anger, or embarassment, but from actual
need—Reason, persuasion, and love unfeighned –Joseph F. Smith

Teach —unlike yelling and telling, it takes time

These are actually my half-hearted notes from a talk I saw on KBYU at three in the morning. . . I get up so some funny things in my sundry lines of employment.

I was impressed by the humility of the speaker, all his obvious stumbles, and how profoundly simple and great this list was. I'll take it as a good advice for any parenting.

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Makayla said...

Funny. It really is the simplest things that have the most profound results. It's not exotic family vacations, or having lots of "toys" and stuff, but little moments, quiet compliments, living by example and so on that really matter. What I don't understand is that a lot of people seem to "know" that, but they don't DO it. I think if fathers (and people in general) really understood and applied the counsel in D&C 121, life would be much, much better. Perhaps I should start getting up at 3am to watch talks on KBYU...LOL. I stayed home from church Sunday because I had a horrible cold, and instead of KBYU (which I probably should have watched) I was tired enough that I watched 3 episodes of Spongebob. LOL. Talk about brain atrophy...