Friday, October 24, 2008

test # 3, Zemansky and Sears Ch. 8-10.

note to self: do not simply allow blog to become only a homage to all your favorite websites. . .

How Day hopes to pass:

How did anyone ever learn anything before the internet?

On the bright side, I've actually enjoyed lecture both times this week, and paid attention, I think, more than 35% of the total time. It's hard to resist things going-round. . . There's something very satisfying about seeing the whole world in constantly moving shapes and arrows, with different colored quantities that interact with each other in mathematically meaningful and lovely ways. Everything dances.

this was fun too:

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Makayla said...

2 Things:

Thing #1 I don't know what kind of literature you like to read (as far as novels go), but if you haven't read Cormac McCarthy's "Blood Meridian," perhaps you should. It's southwestern American fiction + brilliance + science + religion. And the reason I mention this is because you said, "Everything dances" and it reminded me of the theme of dance in the book, as well as the very last sentence in the book. Good stuff.

Thing #2

A silly little website for you: