Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're not going to discuss what this says about me

xkcd on revolution

Yes, I know. There's a reason this is under the category "dreams." But, to paraphrase a friend, what can be gained by asking if xkcd is “ours or theirs?” The better question is, “How can one use xkcd for some liberatory project?”

and so we see xkcd--

Exulting the joys and efficiencies of life under capital

celebrating the fruits of a high-functioning democracy

considering violence? (the roll over text)

Don't even get me started on cultural revolution.

* just fixed the link for number 81, which is funnier than 84 over again.


___________________________ said...

You like that comic too much, have too much time on your hands(I don't know how), or have a small monkey army working for you, or perhaps more than one of those things is true.

Rebecca said...

I really enjoyed your previous post "Freely Chosen." It made me think of all the times we hear about the charitable work of the famous. It's great they can do all that, but in the next sentence we learn of their ten-million dollar wedding. I've always thought, why not a nice fifty-thousand dollar wedding (or ten-thousand, or two-thousand...), and giving the difference to more of those good causes. The same principle applies to the expensive homes they live in and cars they drive. It gets tricky to draw the subjective line between comfortable and excessive living. I'm pretty sure, in my own life, I have adjusted this line a few times.

When I have worked with youth from extremely low socioeconomic circumstances, the walls to climb certainly seem insurmountable in comparison to those in moderate or advantaged situations. That said, I have witnessed a few miracles.

I appreciate the way your post made me think. And I commit right here and now never to have a ten-million dollar wedding. In seriousness, if I ever am blessed with monetary success, I truly do vow, to live closely to my current standards and utilize the rest in service oriented ventures.


___________________________ said...

By goodness! You *are* right! 81 is funnier than 84 twice! (I don't remember when you corrected that, but I just noticed)