Monday, November 29, 2010

If I believed in God

I would thank him for plumbing.

There is something clean about it, even when you are covered with a soup of scum, mold, and whatever else was covering the particle-board floor of your kitchen-sink cabinet. Plumbing is elegant: water goes down. Seals must be tight, valves well adjusted. Every piece is for a reason. Ninety seconds, six diagrams, and I know how everything is supposed to fit. Zen, or flow, or something.

And it isn't just that; everyone needs plumbing. No one is going to use their kitchen sink to be a better racist. Like any privilege, plumbing stratifies people--and as with any privilege, those who have automatically, at some deep level, begin to assume that those who don't have are at fault for their own lack. . . but no one is making the argument that other human beings don't deserve

plumbing. Sanitation. Hygiene. Hot running water to envelop your skin and make you feel a little more whole.


___________________________ said...

No one?? I apologize, but there is a class of people, ordained by birth, to deserve a lack of plumbing. They are horrors who should have never been allowed to wander the earth.

Day said...

Damn. And I thought us commies were frightening. ;)