Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday night


The library closed while I was in the shower. I'll be working more than 25 solitary hours in the next two days, and I've had little social interaction today; therapy was also this morning, and I feel unsteady. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I made a food plan--three days of menus, so that I'm not crushed with deciding what to eat. . and so I don't end up living on junk food I don't even like because it's in front of me and avoids the dilemma. Now I don't feel like making, or eating, the red lentil soup that's supposed to be dinner. Also, my favorite labor organizer is turning into a sociopath.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially suck.

p.s. I eventually made the soup. It was delicious-- I'm looking forward to leftovers. For crazy folk who don't like lentils solely for textural reasons, it'll need a blender and cream. . .


T-Bear said...

It's gritty and weird.


Crazy Folk.

Greg Hendricks said...

Hmmm. Maybe...

I don't have psychological reasons for not liking lentils after all. Not like goat cheese. ;)