Saturday, February 26, 2011

clashing frameworks

I think the reason we chafe, a little, against each other, is this. She believes like a consuming fire; in God, in the book of Mormon, in revelation. She believes those who hurt me would be far better off drowned in the sea with a millstone about their necks than when God gets a hold of them. Cast out, she still believes. She's sacrificed to hang on to God who loves her. God who loves Us.

And I, despite my best efforts, believe in the abusive patriarchy of Mormonism; it is one of my strongest and most deeply held beliefs. I believe in a system which, while apparently all right for some people, rips some of us into bloody little chunks and spits us out, with God at the head. My belief is like a glacier on which I'm alone in winter with broken legs, and it subsumes any faith I might once have had about God having good intentions towards me.

Still, she was very kind. And I'm grateful she's around.


___________________________ said...

Very odd. I can only guess who this is. Sort of poetic.

misssrobin said...

Isn't it wonderful that even though you disagree so much you can still find value in each other?

I don't understand why so many people feel threatened by differences of belief.

May you be blessed with peace as you continue on whatever journey you choose. Her, too.