Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best of

Written 5:44 5/13/08
I've been thinking about how to make a good blog. . . sort of like how my sister wants to make a good cookbook; a cookbook, as it were, that is full only of cream. . .

So how do you do that--how do you stay that interesting? After kicking off with rather too much about myself, I think it's worth setting up a few ground rules. .

1) No immediate postage. . . let it sit overnight, or at least for a few hours, as a draft before posting. I don't know how I feel about blogger in this way, actually, because there isn't an easy way to save drafts in it. .

2) Enough pictures, but not too many. . And, of course particularly good ones.
Like this:

Maybe a similar rule on links.
Not exactly the elements of style, but we'll have a go.

Of course, maybe it also pays to look at how other people have done it better.

I could get thousands of submissions before every weekly post, so that I'd have plenty to choose from. . .

Or I could invite a cast of bitingly witty and repetitively sarcastic political contributors to help shoulder the burden.

If I wanted to be really content driven (snort), I could locate myself in some excruciatingly relevant position and then give articulate humanist commentary on it.

I could allow anyone to correct, edit, and expand into an infinite variety of topics. . .

Or I could just be totally "effing," as we say here in Zion, talented.

meh. . .

I'm gonna do it my way.


Darrin Stephens said...

frist p0st!

I wish you the best of luck in you posting endeavours =) 'Tis indeed hard to decide on format, but you'll find a groove.


Anthony said...

It should be done your way. Imitating someone else's style just makes you look like someone else. I'd much rather read something that was undeniably Day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I *am* going back and reading all of your past notes and commenting. So what?

Do what feels right. If you make it funky fresh the groovers will groove to make it smooth... um.... I had a good lunch today.

Day said...

Thanks. :)

kjh said...

So, what happened to the person doing riverbendblog? It appears that nothing new has been posted in 2008...

Also, doesn't seem to be working for me. It could be me, or could be your link; I really don't know.

Either way, I too am going back and reading all of your blog entries and their associated comments!