Friday, May 16, 2008

Lady digshovel strikes


Check it; I found my image of "kindergarten in a vegetable garden" at

Written 5/14
As those of you who I don't talk to often enough (which is to say, damn near all of you) may not know, a couple of days ago I knived my way into a bit of a garden patch.

Of course, within 24 hours of said kniving, I was sanely aware that with no idea what I was doing--I killed the herbs I tried to grow when I hit my gardening kick last fall, and only sometimes succeed in seeing sprouts through to edibility--that patch was probably much better off safely in the hands of others. Still, I couldn't let the opportunity go at nothing. As a compromise, I've arranged to weasel in on the gardening exploits of my sister, and also of my new friend Bonnie.

Tonight confirmed my expectations; so perceptive am I, as to be correct about the fact that I, indeed, have no idea what I'm doing. Turns out that it's good to have an experienced supervisor.

Today, the transplanting of potatoes, and putting seedlings of lots of kinds of tomatoes and peppers into the ground. . . so far it's really nice to be out digging in the dirt.

Van Gogh, Vegetable garden at Monmartre

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