Saturday, June 07, 2008

And now

For some people who make things. :)

This girl, with her mad skills, is Entirely Awesome Pants. (Check out the power source.) If you're not familiar, particularly be sure to not miss the extremely fresh Mp3 player.

On the other hand, this site belongs to my. . . er. . . (?)'s friend. . . . and I quoth, "he's either building something or sleeping. . . and he doesn't sleep much."

It was pretty cool, actually, when I visited, to see--the house was full of projects, past and present. . . many things rescued out of the trash to become beautiful and or useful once again, as well as things presumably built from scratch.

It was really inspiring to see a work area so cleanly organized and nicely designed; made me want to understand how everything worked, and how everything works. . . and it also made me want to Build Something, the kind of something that I have not yet nearly the skills to build. Go figure.

On a more practical note, whether you like camping or not, this is sort of impressive. . . and on an even more practical note, this stove is practically free and very enticing--plus, my sister's doing a test run on it this summer, so perhaps there shall be updates. :)


Darrin Stephens said...

I just want to give a shout out to all my maker peeps, brethren and sistren!

Also, I think I'd rather be a {?} than a (?). Curly braces are much cooler...

Yes, it really is inspiring to watch them build and create. Went out with designated individual #2 last night, actually, to see some friends at an artist/engineer home/shop/commune. They were building what has to be the most awesome skeeball machine evar.

Mad props all around.

Day said...