Sunday, November 23, 2008


This morning I broke down crying at my boss, but it turned out he was on my side so things are slightly less terrible.

"I will comfort a ten year old when they are crying," I said, "you can fire me if you want."

Other notable highlights of the conversation?

Him: "sometimes you have to live in the real world."

Me: "the real world can go to hell."

Why does everyone keep suggesting that I should make a career of this?

People who abuse children should not be placed in charge of children for a living. There is no fucking excuse. Why is this so hard?


Reclaimed Dasein said...

Market forces. Why would qualified people take a shitty job for shitty pay? This leaves mostly idiots who couldn't get better jobs. And of course you, trying to fix things.

SAC said...

I don't think it's completely that. I have (and probably will) taken bad jobs for bad pay, but, as was noted on this posting, the kind of supervision and work environment you have makes a huge difference. I believe that on top of bad pay (because good pay just attracts jerks who are only looking for money-- think doctors and lawyers-- so that isn't the whole solution), the fact of the matter is that the system perpetuates itself. And once you get one person in charge who isn't looking out for the best people to hire according to proper standards, the whole system is down the drain.

Makayla said...

Are you okay?

Day said...

1) yes, I am ok. thanks for asking.

2) I don't think he was suggesting that we improve pay for the sort of work I do. . . I think he's suggesting that the sort of work I do shouldn't be for profit. I tend to agree.