Friday, November 28, 2008

a word from Zizek--

"Would you like to live in a society where you have to debate and argue all the time that women shouldn't be raped? No. I would like to live in a dogmatic society where when someone starts to advocate the right of men to rape women, you simply disqualify yourself, I mean, people don't even attack you. You're such a jerk it's like, "huhu, I mean, what's wrong with this guy" or whatever. . and unfortunately, I would like to live in a society where the same goes for torture. . . "

-, around 1:14


Reclaimed Dasein said...

He's hard as hell to understand at first, but it's really good once you get into it. Isn't Zizek wonderful?

Day said...

I think so. The hardest thing about this particular lecture was trying not to attend to his nose. ..

___________________________ said...

You know, I am guessing I wouldn't like such a society. The first debate on that topic might be interesting though.

I sort of think I should try to understand some Zizek at some point, but I have never made much time for him.