Tuesday, December 23, 2008

also, I'm inordinately fond of lists.

Changes in my life in the last 6 months:

-No longer dating
-New job
-Dropped out of school
-Looking for house

it seems like less items when I put it that way. Still, lots of change.

Things I need to do to move forward:

-Find a place to live
-Study mathematics, French, philosophy, parenting
-Sleep, and generally look after health
-Work crazy hours to go back to school at some point. . . but not so many hours that I'm not able to study.

or sleep.


1 comment:

Makayla said...

I like lists too. I have to refrain from putting them on my blog too often. :)

I particularly like lists of names - who belongs to who, how old are they, what are their children's names, etc. Silly, but true.