Friday, March 26, 2010

bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks bell hooks. . .

On the plus: one hour with just me and my class. And I do tend to contribute to the discussion.

On the wtf: there's some sort of luncheon, to which xendofthelinex (my favorite kitten loving stalinist, who is not even in the class,) was invited, and I was not. (!) :( Pick me, Shannon, pick me! Is this what I get for not adequately sucking up to faculty?

but mostly I am absolutely buzzing. In the flesh. . . I've spent all day reading and re-reading her work. . . I wish I could afford to buy more of it. It's just all so alive, and I've never found another thinker I so closely, deeply, and frequently agree with.

How often do you meet your hero?


___________________________ said...

Every morning when I wake up!

(oh, you want a serious answer? I don't think of myself as having heroes. I am currently getting more enraptured with Dan Dennett at the moment, but that's the most)

Day said...

He's pretty funny. . . I can think of worse people to idolize.