Saturday, April 03, 2010

She was answering the wrong question, of course--the question I actually asked. She talked about doing lots of things (not just school), not letting yourself be owned by a world that's poisonous to you. She teaches for only a month straight; adored as she is some places, she still has no stomach for the establishment.

I did not expect that every question would be like mine, but they were--almost all of them. How do I deal with it when people commodify my sexuality? How do I teach my son not to be a part of this ugliness? How have you done it? How do we hang on to our truth and ourselves in such a messy world? This is what we were really asking. We have read your work. There's no hiding how clearly you see, so share with us--help us--save us. Help us untangle all these things; help us know we're not alone.

And she feels invaded by it, I think, by all our asking and our wanting--but also, loved.

She signed my feminist theory--Day!! in sweet sisterhood --love, bell hooks.

I am glad.

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Faustburn said...

Given the subject matter she writes about, along with the very personal nature she writes with, I imagine it would be hard not to feel like you're invading or pestering someone like her. Still, sounds like it went quite well and that is really awesome that you got to meet her.