Thursday, March 31, 2011

going dark

Two reasons I've not been blogging: first, I've had big problems in several areas of my life at once. A couple have had to do with miscommunication, and these in particular make me want to hide under a rock. If people I like and respect so much can get (for instance) the message "I think you're an idiot and have no idea what you're talking about" from an expression that I made while I was feeling "I'm curious," what business do I have ever talking to anyone? It feels like my very existence is harmful to others, regardless of what I intend.

The second is time management. It's weird to accept that the most important work in my life right now is getting my health in order, but it is; get more functional, thence good things flow. Not to say I plan to stop blogging. . . just that I'll be following my usual sporadic pattern of posting when it works in my life to do so.


___________________________ said...

Day, obviously your existence IS harmful, which is why you should become an assassin and saboteur. Then *all* you would ever do is harm, which given that it is your nature, means you'll be RICH!!! And with your wealth, you can now forsake everything you've ever believed and own a company that specializes in oppressing poor people and women.

Don't I have great ideas? :P

In other news, have you found any good rocks? They have to be large enough to hide under, but not so large that they crush you, because you being crushed by a rock is a horrible way to go. Obviously, you've gotta go out like a rockstar.

___________________________ said...

Btw, mainstream economics has been disproven:,19856/

misssrobin said...

I've given up people who take offense at a look without checking to see if I meant something by it. If they want to go around looking for offense, they will find it. It sounds very immature to me.

Sorry the people in your life aren't grown up enough to talk to you about things instead of jumping to conclusions. (Okay, so maybe this topic makes me a little irritable. I can own that.)

Day said...

Conceptually I agree with you. . . in fact, ability to communicate well about things that bother them is one of the things I value most highly in another person. Practically speaking. . . the evidence is pretty strong that I lack certain social skills, and it's not just one or two people being oversensitive.

Plus--they did communicate about it. That's how I know. I appreciate the solidarity, though. :) Now I'm go work on building my new career as an assassin/saboteur.

___________________________ said...

See, don't I have great ideas!!! :P