Tuesday, April 19, 2011



-Someone who makes things. Things I currently want to make:

No-bake cookies
A garden
A wedding video for Les Embrees
Windchimes, out of the cool-metal-tubing-from-a-broken-bookshelf that's been sitting in my house for over a year to this end
A free-book distribution center
An alarm system for my house?

Other stuff.

-Someone who others feel comfortable talking to about the things I do wrong.

The plans for this are less specific.



misssrobin said...

Those sound like great goals. However, in my experience, once you are a person who is confident enough to take feedback most people are intimidated by you. It's not about who you are but who they are. Very few people are secure enough to give genuine and beneficial feedback, just criticism to those who can't fight back. There are a few. And if you make it known that you feel this way, they will find you.

___________________________ said...

What things have you done wrong recently? Anything particularly fun??? :D (Note: I recently told a possibly dying woman that I heard her disease "wasn't so bad" and that good wishes don't help heal)

Day said...

I think that's the key--this idea of being "secure enough," both to give and to take.

I once had the experience of hanging out with some people who seemed to feel they had nothing to prove. . . which made me realize how rare that was.

___________________________ said...

I have to prove that I have nothing to prove.

I dunno.... I feel like I am probably a mildly neurotic person anyway. So, needs for proving are just intuitive for me.