Thursday, March 04, 2010

One of my new years resolutions was to spend less time planning and more time doing, so when I made a to-do list today, it was the first one in months. It was strikingly short--less than twenty items. Usually, my habit has been to have giant lists that I couldn't ever practically complete. That way I can feel overwhelmed and guilty about not getting anything done, but also justified in whatever I did spend my time on, because it was on the list. Without a list, I just have to focus on getting done what's most important.

It's a useful, forces me to simplify and live in the present. I exercise, watch films, write, do housekeeping (cooking, cleaning, repairs, gardening, etc.), keep up with one class at school, visit friends, and work--and that's all. I'm occasionally amazed at how little I feel like I've gotten done each day, but over all, but there's something peaceful about it. Sometimes time management is complicated; sometimes the trick is to accept that you're already doing what you should.


N said...

I recently started feeling like that about my involvement in the wider community. Hopefully I'll get there with what's happening inside my house, too, soon.

Carrie and Seth said...

I actually agree with not planning too much... after my mission, where you are required to plan every hour of every day, I had had enough of it. I have spent a lot less time feeling guilty about not accomplishing things since then, but I've still accomplished everything that is really important. It's cool that we both went through a similar process.