Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lately, I've been thinking about a lot of things that I'd traditionally consider a waste of time. In honor of this: my first fashion post. Not cultural critique of fashion, just fashion. With no commentary. At all.

We'll call it an exercise in restraint.



Corset: I love the green, but for this particular outfit, I think greys--maybe with one that matches the hat color.





Hair: something like this, but with a bit more pulled back--and maybe in a more interesting color, or more than one more interesting color:


Jewelery: maybe these? I'd also keep the pocketwatch, but in silver.


___________________________ said...

I didn't know you liked The Fear by Lily Allen.

There is a video game based upon the song.

N said...

I appreciate your taste in all of these, but the skirt is probably my personal favourite. Now I just want to see this outfit together!

SAC said...

I liked the earrings.

Day said...

I LOVE that song. Subversive pop music ftw!

Glad you like it.

This outfit would cost more to buy new than I spent on my entire wardrobe. Still, thinking about getting the gloves (Wool! They'd actually help keep me warm!) and maybe at some point the corset (looks durable, and it could add a waist to lots of otherwise boring clothes I find at thrift stores).

I love the skirt too, but, you know--not so much with the practical. It's a classic standard (waltz, foxtrot, etc.) skirt for ballroom. :)