Friday, December 24, 2010


1) Saw Black Swan, found it way too close to home. Frustrating, because it's the first serious ballet movie in a forever, but ballet looks like a plot device. . maybe not. Wondering whether I should see it repeatedly until it's less painful to watch, or if that would be self-destructive.

2) Finally made soup from the grain/bean mixture Adi gave me. Messy and time consuming, but filling and delicious. Cooking is. . . helpful. Deeply. I'm glad for it.

3) I'm not autistic because my executive function is high, specifically from self-awareness, learning, and memory. Not sure how I feel about this.

4) Contemplating plausibility of starting a commune in my house. Can I trust other people this much? Myself? Should I? Are my delinquent people skills are up to it?

5) Happy Midwinter, and a happy New Year. And merry Christmas. :)


___________________________ said...

Read the Black Swan. Good book. It was about risk management in finance.

I really don't know about the diagnosing of autism. I mean... yes, my ability to react used to be *horrible*, but now it is more sensible. Would I have not been diagnosed if I waited for a longer time? Wouldn't make sense to me, particularly given that I am used to thinking of autism as a cognitive style more than anything else. Eh, oh well.

I'd have difficulty with a commune. I don't trust other people that much.

I hope you have a cool Kwanzaa.

Logan said...

If you're autistic, then I have Asperger's. Maybe this is true?

Day said...

____________: Me too--cognitive style is a great way to put it. I'm going to ask more about it this week.

Logan: That had occurred to me. .